Vernagel Super Absorbent Powder (475g)

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  • Sprinkle powder on to body fluid spills to form a semi solid gel for ease of removal.
  • Minimises residual odours.
  • 475g

Vernagel is designed specifically to cope with bodily fluids, trapping them in a dry, semi-solid gel that is convenient and easy to dispose of. Use one 6g sachet in bedpans, slipper pans and urinals before use to prevent spillages and leaks or shake loose powder on to the floor to soak up spillages. Trials carried out in four hospitals confirmed that, by preventing spills, Vernagel sachets would save an average ward 135 days a year in nurse time and thousands on laundry costs. Vernagel is also designed to minimise or eliminate residual odours. Vernagel has the benefits of reducing the risk of cross infection, saves laundry and cleaning costs and protects patient dignity and increases patient confidence