Sports Field First Aid Kit

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A very comprehensive range of first aid products suitable for the sports field packed in a green nylon holdall (36x28x12cm) with carry handles and a shoulder strap. The bag zips open on three sides to reveal the contents packed into five colour coded, transparent topped zipped fabric pouches which are held in the outer bag by velcro pouches. 

Full Contents List:

In First Inner zipped bag

3 x Instant cold packs

In Second Inner Zipped Bag

1 x Large first aid dressing
1 x Medium first aid dressing
1 x Eye pad with bandage
1 x Triangular bandage
1 x Crepe bandage (5cm)
1 x Elastic Adhesive Bandage (2.5cm)
1 x Elastic Adhesive Bandage (5cm)
1 x Personal resuscitator
1 x Foil blanket
1 x Pair of tufkut scissors

In the Third Inner Zipped Bag

1 x Pack of nasal strips
1 x Pack of non stitch sutures (6 × 75mm)
1 x Low adherent pad (5 × 5cm)
1 x Low adherent pad (10 × 10cm)
1 x Big plaster (5 × 7.5cm)
1 x Pack of 5 non woven swabs (5 × 5cm)
6 x Blister plasters
4 x Sterile saline pods (20ml)
2 x Pairs nitrile gloves
1 x First aid guidance leaflet
3 x Vomit bags
1 x Clinical waste bag

In the Fourth Inner Zipped Bag

1 × 20 Assorted washproof plasters
1 x Dressing strip (7.5cm x 1m)
1 x Tubular bandage 1m (Size E)
10 x Cleansing wipes
1 x Small pack of tissues

In the Fifth Inner Zipped Bag

1 x Heat spray (150ml)
1 x Freeze spray (150ml)
1 x Zinc oxide plaster tape (2.5cm x 5m)
1 x Microporous tape (2.5cm x 10m)